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What could be worse than sending the perfect CV and personal statement but it is full of spelling and grammar mistakes!? This package is for people who have their documents ready but would like a professional to check their English spelling, grammar and sentence structure.


Selecting a university and study program is difficult. This package provides you with a UNIspotter Buddy who you can ask all questions and concerns with and will provide you with action steps on how to improve your application. Further, we will also proof read your final documents, prepare your application and send it for you!


Want the best chances of being accepted into your dream program? The Application Builder will help you build your application from the start. Providing support in creating your CV, personal statement, reference letters and what ever else you need. Your personal UNIspotter Buddy will guide you through the whole process from selecting the right university and program, preparing and creating your application and relevant documents, applying and visa application. The UNIspotter Application Builder package puts you ahead of the rest!

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