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After the conversation, your buddy will send you concrete actionable steps & ideas for improving your application to stand out from the crowd. After your adjustments you will receive feedback from your buddy again.

You think your application is good, but you aren't 100% convinced? In a 30-minute video call, ask your questions and explain where and why you are unsure.


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One of the most common reasons for a rejection are unnecessary mistakes in the application. One of our native English buddies checks spelling, grammar and sentence structure exactly.

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Step by step building blocks for your CV, personal statement and reference letters.

You do not know where to start? You're are not alone. Our experienced UNIspotter Buddies will help you with your decision and develop your application.

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University and program shortlist

Discuss the selection of your university, prepare the application documents and fine-tune your application personally with your Buddy and get answers to all your questions.

Your buddy will help you search for and find for the right university for you.

Building blocks for your application documents

Help prepare for your time abroad

Help & Tips on Visa, Apartment and more.


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CV, Personal Statement & References built up step by step for a successful application.

Get the Unispotter Buddy Who Can Help you the Best

After her master's degree in Oxford, Molly has been helping young people with their Oxbridge applications for the last 5 years. British-American roots make Molly the expert for top universities in the US & UK.

As one of the founders of Unispotter, Christoph spent the last 4 years continuously helping young people choose their studies. He passes on his profound insights into the requirements of international universities to applicants.


Molly McParland

Christoph Trost


With an MBA from the University of Technology in Sydney, study abroad at the University in Bologna & a Masters from WU Vienna, our Australian knows the problems when applying to international universities.


Peter Andrew

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